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The Care Fund

The Shawnee Heights Public Schools Foundation established a CARE Fund to benefit the students, families, and staff of USD 450. This fund is accessible to the district administration to request the following items (but not limited to these items):

  • Clothing Insecurities
  • Rent and housing insecurities
  • Medical and social needs such as eyewear, office visits, and personal care items
  • Emergency needs in support of unplanned catastrophic events

This fund hopes to care for the whole student. We CARE for students and their families in need, and we CARE for our valuable staff in their time of need. We CARE so that each student has the opportunity to learn and remain successful so that the families have the best chance available to care during unplanned insecurities. We also CARE for our staff so they can be in the best position to deliver for their students and families.

This fund is meant to be easily and quickly accessible in our communities' time of need, eliminating the challenges that some processes may have that can delay or eliminate valuable resources to those we CARE for in our Shawnee Heights Community.

Click Here to Apply for the CARE Fund

"Shawnee Heights Public Schools Foundation" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  4401 SE Shawnee Heights Rd., Tecumseh, KS 66542

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